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Minimalist A6 Monthly Savings Challenges

Minimalist A6 Monthly Savings Challenges

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Minimalist Monthly Savings Challenge Bundle

This is the perfect way to start your savings journey! Organize your finances and start saving money with these easy to use A6 laminated monthly money saving challenge bundle.


  • Laminated savings cards (3"x6") | US Dollars
  • Fit A6 size zipper envelopes or binders. 
  • Fun and easy way to save money
  • Reusable trackers, once you complete the challenge you can reuse it as many times as you want.


12 Laminated A6 Monthly Savings Challenge Trackers:

  • January Savings Challenge (Save $100)
  • February Challenge (Save $85)
  • March Challenge (Save $130)
  • April Challenge (Save $75)
  • May Challenge (Save $100)
  • June Challenge (Save $150)
  • July Challenge (Save $90)
  • August Challenge (Save $120)
  • September Challenge (Save $70)
  • October Challenge (Save $110)
  • November Challenge (Save $90)
  • December Challenge (Save $120)


  • Insert Trackers ONLY - laminated trackers to fit into any A6 zipper envelopes.
  • Insert Trackers w/ Zipper Envelopes - all laminated trackers and 12 zipper cash envelopes.

How to use it: Depending on the challenge choose any amount and save it for a particular week or day. Once you have that amount saved, color it in and see your progress!

Note: You can use a wet erase marker or Sharpie to color the laminated challenges. Clean with alcohol and a cotton wipe or towel and re-use the trackers as many times as you need!

Made With Care and Love:

This is a handmade item, there might be slight imperfections but nothing that will compromise the use of it. Each item is made with care and love. 


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